Life at Acorn Preschool is all about learning through play and having fun in a warm, stimulating environment. Every child is different and we believe they should be allowed to flourish in their own way. 

We have a team of 7 practitioners who look after the children plus a committee of parents who are responsible for the management of the preschool. Our children are aged from 2 years to 4 years 11 months and all of them love fresh air and messy mitts! Our outdoor play area and indoor activities give them everything they need to fill their day with fun.


As a pre-schooler, your child will be at the first stage of learning and our activities reflect this, based on the government framework the early years foundation stage. This covers seven areas of development and aims to give children a range of experiences to help them develop the right skills and attitudes for later learning.


Acorn Preschool was set up over 40 years ago and we hope that in another 40 years we'll still be here, inspiring imaginations and helping future generations get the most out of every day.



'She has grown in confidence and made new friends since coming to Acorn' 


Jo, Mum to Megan age 4

Acorn Preschool

Dussindale Primary School

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